How does a connected home work?

Making the home more pleasant to live in while having full control of your equipment to make it smart and comfortable, this is what characterizes the connected home. An attractive and modern concept which is still too little known. So find out how a smart home works!

Connect the house and enjoy modern home automation

Home automation is combined with the internet and technology to become more and more powerful. The house is connected and the various electrical equipments communicate with each other. Nowadays, it is possible to control the devices remotely by means of smartphone or tablet. The connected home is rich in advantages, which is why it tends to become the habitat of tomorrow!

To fully understand what a smart home is, find out what a connected home is.

Electrical equipment that connects in your home

Here is the list of electrical and electronic equipment found in a connected home:

  • Video surveillance;
  • The openings (door, garage, gate, etc.);
  • Heating, ventilation or the production of domestic hot water;
  • Lighting;
  • Roller shutters;
  • Electronic devices and household appliances.

The devices needed to control the smart home

Now let's take a look at the equipment used to control a connected home.

Automating the house and connecting it involves the installation of various elements:`

  • A control panel or control box: similar to an internet box, it constitutes the heart of your connection and it is this which connects it to your internet box.
  • Sensors that communicate to the box various information such as temperature, hygrometry, time and much more.
  • Action objects like camera, alarm, shutters, etc

How does a connected home work and operate?

The operation of the connected home depends on the internet connection and is controlled through various elements:

  • A connected thermostat;
  • A control panel with screen;
  • An application for mobile and tablet;
  • The sound of your voice.

Locksmith, heating engineer, electrician, blind installer, tradesmen are increasingly adopting home automation in the equipment they offer. Do not hesitate to consult them to adopt it in your accommodation.

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